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A Handmade Company

Everything we sell is hand-made in the east, hand-made in the centuries-old traditions of those countries.

The crafts of Afghanistan, India, Iran, Kashmir, Pakistan and Turkey are often the one positive,
stabilising source of income and livelihood in those areas of the world, some of which are rife with conflict and repression;
in Afghanistan, for instance, the export of rugs is, and has been for centuries, the only legitimate source of income for many communities. 

Oriental Rugs of Bath had a shop in Argyle Street, Bath, for decades which was owned by Joy Pryor since 2007.
In 2013, Joy's husband William and colleagues acquired Bookbarn International some ten miles south-west of Bath, at Hallatrow.
The enormity of the "barn" meant they could move the rug business onto the mezzanine above the books. 

It was a good move! The relationship between rugs and books became obvious and we now have lots of space to display our rugs properly
and lots of free parking so you can easily bring us your rugs for cleaning and load your car with your purchases.

The shop is run by Joy Pryor and Katya Maiyeseva.
Joy Pryor
Katya Maiyeseva
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